Welcome to Uninet's Linux and Brazilian sites

This is the Brazillian server for Uninet, a international volunteer-based project organising academic courses and general interest events online. Uninet has regular academic level lectures on various, mostly medical, subjects and a number of yearly conferences. Most of the medical education is aimed at latin America; the events are usually for a large part in English and aimed at a world-wide audience.

Uninet also takes part in the 6bone, the experimental ipv6 backbone. Uninet, by means of compendium has its own /28 prefix on the 6bone and provides connectivity to interested parties. A /40 netblock has been delegated to, which also gives out ipv6 tunnels and netblocks. At the moment Uninet is researching how the pTLA can have multiple links to the outside without violating RFC 2772.

Another activity relevant to this site is the yearly Umeet conference about Unix, free software, networking and the internet community in general. This year's Umeet will be held from 1-15 december 2001; the conference takes place online on the Uninet IRC network, channel #linux. Participation is, of course, open to everybody and free of charge.

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  • Status da roteamento do IPv6.
  • Uninet wiki (private).